“Take in the sights of historic ruins or seaside caves on this tropical paradise. But bring some cover. You’ll need them for the wide open spaces and long range engagements. Watch your flanks and this will be a Breeze.”


Breeze’s ‘unique’ features are present on the A side of the map, mostly to do with A Hall. There are ropes to get players into A Hall. On the defending side players can use the rope at the back of A Site to get onto Bridge and into Hall, and on the attacking side players can use the rope in A Lobby to get into Hall.

DJ set
Middle tower
Above orb on B Site
Outside of B Site
Inside the crystals in Cave
Left of Attacker Spawn on the beach
Behind Attacker Spawn
Towards B from Middle
Middle apartments
Defender Spawn fishing crates
Above Tube
Outside Cave
Above Middle
Above Bridge
Behind records
The Mansion
Inside cafe
Inside Sand hut
Next to the smaller ship
In the hills